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Hi !

My name is Stanislav Frydrych (* 1968 ). I have been drawing portraits since 1990. Apart from the Czech Republic, my drawings can be found in the USA, in Germany. England, Italy, France, Spain, Libanon and other countries. I draw according to photos, with a pencil, black and white. The size is A3 ( 42 cm x 30 cm).

I charge 60 Euros, 80 USD or 55 GBP for one portrait. I draw no more than two heads alongside ( e.g. wedding photo), the price is then 100 Euros, 140 USD or 100 GBP, the size is approximately 50 cm x 40 cm. The price includes packing, insurance and postage.

If you feel interested, then send me a photo that shoul be as good and as big as possible, otherwise I cannot guarantee the quality. The minimum size is the passport size but the bigger the better ( at lest 4-5 cm from the chin to the hair). I will send you your photo back. Please do not send your photo via e-mail – that is not a suitable way for my work – thanks for understanding.

I shall be very pleased if you send me a cash advance ( 12 Euros, 15 USD or 10 GBP - This is not a condition, all is up to you. ) – that will pay packing, insurance and postage. Please let me know which way of payment you prefer – whether a bank transfer (I‘ll give you my account number) or a check issued in favor of my person.

Do not forget to attach your address.

The average delivery time is one month.

A hand-drawn portrait is an uncommon and at the same time very valuable present. I would like to tell you from my own experience that a set of 2, 3 or 4 framed portraits hanging on a wall looks much better than a solitary portrait. It has never happened to me that anybody would be dissatisfied with any of my portarits. I believe you will be satisfied as well. I thank you in advance!

Yours sincerely

Stanislav Frydrych

Photos for drawing the portrait can be sent also by e-mail.

If you send me a photo of a celebrity (e.g. an actor, singer, politician, sportswoman, etc.) and, of course, your picture, based on your wish I can paint you side by side. This service is required mainly by children who want to have their portrait drawn with some of their idols. But even adults take advantage of this as a funny gift. They have a shared portrait with someone whom they have no possibility to ever meet in the real life. Price is the same as for any other double-portrait and is listed above.

name of an account : Frydrych Stanislav
account number : 0719446193 / 0800
IBAN : CZ93 0800 0000 0007 1944 6193
Address bank :
Ceska sporitelna
Pobocka Vsetin
Tyrsova 1080
755 01 Vsetin

I am ready to communicate in English, German an Russian. However, my knowledge of foreign languages is limited and that is why I would like to ask you not to phone me – please write me a letter – short, brief and easy to understand. Thanks a lot!

I accept.